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Computer Application


Prof. Mr. Dyaneshwar S. Jambhulkar

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Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.M.S., M.Com, M.A., M.C.M.,Ph.D pu
Address: Baburaoji Gholap College,Sangvi
Phone No: 9881095394

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Faculty in Computer Application
Sr.No. Photo Name Qualification Position CV
1 no photo found Prof. mr. Dyaneshwar Jambhulkar
M.M.S., M.Com, M.A., M.C.M.,Ph.D pu Assistant Professor Read CV
2 no photo found Prof. mrs. Priti Bharambe
M.C.A. Assistant Professor Read CV
3 no photo found Prof. mrs. Shital Shekade
MCS Assistant Professor Read CV
4 no photo found Prof. mrs. Sonal Durgule
B.E, M.E. Assistant Professor Read CV
To create academically competent Professionals.
To bring awareness about computer application to students coming from various faculties. To encourage students to imbibe knowledge in management , Commerce and Computer.
Courses: PO/PSO/CO

Program Specific Outcomes


On completion of BBA(CA)  degree, the graduates will be able to:

• Apply the knowledge of computing fundamentals to various real life applications for any given requirement

• Design and develop applications to analyze and solve all computer application related problems

• Design applications for any desired needs with appropriate considerations.

• Analyze and review the research skills to design, interpret and make inferences from the resulting  data

• Integrate and apply efficiently the contemporary IT tools to all  computer applications

• Involve in perennial learning for a continued career development and progress as a computer professional.

• Function effectively both as a team leader and team member on multidisciplinary projects to demonstrate computing and management skills

• Communicate effectively and present technical information in oral and written reports

• Utilize the computing knowledge efficiently in projects with concern for societal, environmental, and cultural aspects

• Apply the inherent skills with  absolute focus to function as an successful entrepreneur.

• Having a knowledge of computer as well as Commerce and management subject so student choose their career in that field also. 

Course Outcomes : Computer Application



Subject Name:- Modern Operating Environment And MS Office(101)

• To develop basic fundamental idea of operating system and its components. 


Subject Name -: Financial Accounting(102)

• To enable the students to acquire sound knowledge of basic concepts of accounting 

• To impart basic accounting knowledge 

• To impart the knowledge about recording of transactions and preparation of final accounts .

• To acquaint the students about accounting software packages .


Subject Name -:  Principles of Programming and Algorithms (103)

• To develop Analytical / Logical Thinking and Problem Solving capabilities .


Subject Name -: Business Communication(104)

• To understand the concept, process and importance of communication. 

• To develop an integrative approach where reading, writing, presentation skills are used together to enhance the students’ ability to communicate and write effectively. 

• To create awareness among students about Methods and Media of communication. 

• To make students familiar with information technology and improve job seeking skills. 


Subject Name -: Principles of Management(105)

• To provide the fundamental knowledge about working of business organization. 

• To make students well acquainted with management process , functions and principles. 

• To make the students familiar with recent trends in management. 



Subject Name -: Procedure Oriented Programming using C (201)

• To develop basic programming  concepts.


Subject Name -: Database Management Systems(202)

• To make the student familiar with the database concepts.



Subject Name -: Organizational Behavior(203)

• To equip the students to understand the impact that individual, group & structures have on their behavior within the organizations. 

• To help them enhance and apply the knowledge they have received for the betterment of the organization.



Subject Name -: Elements of Statistics(204)

• To understand the power of excel spreadsheet in computing summary statistics. 

• To understand the concept of various measures of central tendency and variation and their importance in business. 

• To understand the concept of probability, probability distributions and simulations in business world and decision making. 


Subject Name -: E-Commerce Concepts(205)


• To know about E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) .

• To understand the thing of  the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.






Subject Name-: RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) (301)


• Enables students to understand relational database concepts and transaction management concepts in database system. 

• Enables student to write PL/SQL programs that use: procedure, function, package, cursor and trigger. 


Subject Name -: Data Structure Using C (302)

• Understand different methods of organizing large amounts of data 

• Efficiently implement different data structure 

• Efficiently implement solution for different problems 

• Get more knowledge on C programming language 


Subject Name -: Introduction to Operating System (303)

• Know system programming 

• Know services provided by operating system 

• Know the Scheduling concepts 


Subject Name-: Software Engineering (305)

This course enables students to understand system concepts and its 

application in Software development. 


Subject Name-: Object Oriented Programming Using C++ (401)


• Acquire an understanding of basic object-oriented concepts and the issues involved in effective class design. 

• Enables student to write C++ programs that use: object-oriented concepts such as information hiding, constructors, destructors, inheritance. 


Subject Name: Programming in Visual Basic(402)

• Learn properties and events, methods of controls and how to handle events of different controls. To understand the use of active controls and how to design VB application .

• Learn connectivity between VB and databases


Subject Name : Computer Networking (403)

• Know about computer network. 

• Understand different topologies used in networking 

• Learn different types of network. 

• Understanding the use of connecting device used in network. 




Subject Name -: Enterprise Resource Planning and Management. (404)

• know what is ERP. 

• Learn different ERP technologies. 


Subject: - Human Resource Management (405)

• Acquaint the students with the Human Resource Management its different functions in an organization and the Human Resource Processes that are concerned with planning, motivating and developing suitable employees for the benefit of the organization. 


Subject: - Java Programming(501)


• To learn the basic concept of Java Programming.

• To understand how to use programming in day to day applications. 


Subject :- Web Technologies(502)


• To know & understand concepts of internet programming. 

• To understand how to develop web based applications using PHP. 


Subject:- Dot Net Programming(503)


• This will introduce visual programming and event driven programming practically. 

• This will enhance applications development skill ofthe student. 


Subject :-Object Oriented Software Engineering(504)

• To Understand concept of system design using UML. 

• To understand system development through object oriented techniques. 


Subject :-Advanced Web Technologies(601)


• To know & understand concepts of internet programming. 

• To understand the concepts of XML and AJAX. 


Subject:-Advanced Java(602)

• To know the concept of Java Programming. 

• To understand how to use programming in day to day applications. 

• To develop programming logic. 


Subject :-Recent Trends in IT(603)

• To introduce upcoming trends in Information technology. 

• To study Eco friendly software development. 


Subject :-Software Testing(604)

• To know the concept of software testing. 

• To understand how to test bugs in software. 

• To develop programming logic. 

Department of Physical Education (sports)


• Course Outcome of the Physical education examination scheme for first year students of all the faculties 


• Course outcome of physical education scheme is students improve their health during the courses of college education. 


• Because of this scheme students enhance physical efficiency and maintain fitness of mind, body and character, which would help the student to be   mentally alert and physically efficient to withstand the strain and fatigue of daily life. 



Laboratories of Computer Application
Sr.No. Laboratories Name Description Link
1 B.C.A. Lab

30 Computers with internet facility

Know details




Highly qualified staff members with experience in academic and industry.
2. Well equipped separate laboratory with internet facility.

Best Practices

1. Departmental library scheme is successfully implemented.
2. Use of ICT tools like LCD Projector, CD’s and Internet

3.Specially designed ‘Bridge Course’ for first year students.

Events of Computer Application
Sr.No. Events Name Date Link
1 Womens Day Celebration 2017-03-08 Know details


Achievements of Computer Application
Sr.No. Achievements Title Name Guide Name Date Link
1 Zonal level Avishkar 2015 Tejas Chandrakant Pawar Prof. mrs. Priti Bharambe Know details
2 Inter collegiate State Level Body Building Compe Rohit Patil no photo found Know details
Staff Achievements
Staff Achievements of Computer Application
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Students Research
Students Research in Computer Application
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Research Publications
Research Publications of Computer Application
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Research Grant Projects
Grant received by Computer Application
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External training and consulting
Training and consulting of Computer Application
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