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Prof. Mr. Arjun Baban Doke

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Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: MA(Geogrphy),SET
Address: B2/20 Sairaj Residency Pimple Gurav, Pune. 411061.
Phone No: 9823147102

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Faculty in Geography
Sr.No. Photo Name Qualification Position CV
1 no photo found Prof. mr. Arjun Doke
MA(Geogrphy),SET Associate Professor Read CV
To provide better and upgraded knowledge in the field of Earth Sciences.
Department of Geography try to fulfill all the needs of the students pertaining to the subject Geography. Every attempts is made to give best of the best to the students, so that their erg for knowledge in the field of Earth Science/Geography is fulfilled, that to, in a very simplified way.
Courses: PO/PSO/CO

Course Outcomes:Geography    


Gg- 110- Elements of Geomorphology (G-1)

? To introduce the students to the basic concepts in Geomorphology.

? To introduce latest concept in Geomorphology

? To acquaint the students with the utility and application of Geomorphology in different regions and environment.

? To make the students aware of the need of protection and conservation of different landforms


Gg-210 Geography of Disaster Management (G2)


? To introduce students the concept of disaster & its relation with Geography.

? To acquaint the students with the utility & application of hazards in different areas & its


? To make the students aware of the need of protection & disaster management



Gg.-310: Regional Geography of India (G-3)


? To understand the physical characteristics of India

? To understand the cultural characteristics of India

? To acquaint the students with geography of our Nation.

? To help the students to understand the inter relationship between the subject and the society.


Commercial Geography

? To understand the physical and cultural environment

? To understand the nature and scope of the Commercial Geography

? To understand the Population Characteristics

? To study of Trade and Transport and its problems.

? To study of different kind of Statistical Methods

01 FYBA Elements of Geomorphology (G-1) Understand the basic concepts in Geomorphology

  1. Understand latest concepts in Geomorphology.
  2. Know the importance of Longitudes and Latitudes
  3. Know the importance of International day and Date line
  4. Know the internal structure of the Earth
  5. Understand Theory Regarding Origin of Continents and Oceans
  6. Study the formation of deference kind of Rocks
  7. Study the Weathering and its types
  8. Know the Hydrological Cycle
  9. Understand the agents of erosion and depositional landforms
  10. Study the Mass Movement
  11. Study the Slope and its types
  12. Know the application of Geomorphology

SYBA Geography of Disaster Management (G2) Understand the concept of disaster & its relation with Geography.

  1. Study the Disaster Management and Measures
  2. Study the Climatic disasters and their Management
  3. Study the Geological and Geomorphic disasters and their Management
  4. Study the Anthropogenic disasters and their Management
  5. Know the Global Issues and Movements
  6. Understand  the Case Studies of disaster Management

 TYBA Regional Geography of India (G-3) Understand the physical characteristics of India

  1. Know the Location and Extent of India and relationship between India with neighboring countries
  2. Understand the Physiographic Division of India
  3. Know the Drainage Pattern of India
  4. Understand the Climate of India
  5. Study the Soils and Natural Vegetation and its Conservation
  6. Study the Minerals and Energy Resources
  7. Know the Importance of Agriculture
  8. Study the Planning and Development

 FYBCOM Commercial Geography Understand the Concepts of Commercial Geography

  1. Approaches to the Study of Commercial Geography
  2. Know the Geographical Environment and Commerce
  3. Study the Resources
  4. Study the Concept of Population
  5. Understand the Industries of India
  6. Study the Trade and Transport
  7. Understand the Tourism Industry
  8. Study the Methods of Representation of Statistical Data


Laboratories of Geography
Sr.No. Laboratories Name Description Link




i) The Department is well equipped with ICT tools.

  ii) Department has thematic maps, hanging maps etc.

 iii) Department has a advance measuring tool such as Optic logi view finder and  

 also most advance GPS instrument.

Best Practices

i) Department of Geography organizes documentary show’s on various

Geographical phenomenon’s. e.g. Mariana Trench, How Earth was made etc.

ii) Department organizes Quiz competition, debate competition, Ppt

presentation, Seminar presentation etc.

iii) Department organizes slide show, exhibition etc, to boost knowledge of the

students in the Geography subject.

iv) Study tour is conducted to study various Geographical phenomena’s e.Landslide, Students has visited Malin Landslide disaster village in Junnar

Tahsil, to study the cause of landslide, they have interviewed the villager   

who have been rehabilitated.

Events of Geography
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Achievements of Geography
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Staff Achievements
Staff Achievements of Geography
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Students Research
Students Research in Geography
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Research Publications
Research Publications of Geography
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Research Grant Projects
Grant received by Geography
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External training and consulting
Training and consulting of Geography
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