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Educating and Enlightening the minds through quality research, life skills and ethical ethos for creating better world..

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President's Desk

With great pleasure, I accord a warm welcome to you to our College in the capacity of the President of Pune District Education Association, under the aegis...

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Vice President's Desk

Pune District Education Association’s Baburaoji Gholap College, Sangvi, Pune 411 027 was established in the year of June 1989 with the motivation of Late Educationalist....

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Hon. Secretary's Desk

Pune District Education Association's (PDEA) colleges and schools are shrines of knowledge where students receive quality education and develop capabilities to accept challenges for competitions...

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Principal's Desk

I extend to you a cordial welcome to P.D.E.A’s, Baburaoji Gholap college of Arts,Commerce, Science & Computer Science. I also welcome you on board...

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Sr. No. File NameFile Size
1 2019 RS SY TY BSc COMP SCI_Apr_201980.16 KB
2 2016 RS BCS 2013 APR-20167.11 MB
3 2014 MSC ANALITAL CMEM 2013 OCT 2014638.79 KB
4 2015 RS MCS 2008 APR 2015366.24 KB
5 2015 RS M.COM 2013 APR 20158.43 MB
6 2016 RS MA 2008 APR-201613.65 KB
7 2017 RS B.COM 2013 APR-2017171.86 KB
8 2015 RS MSc Anya Chem 2013 OCT 20151013.57 KB
9 2014 MA 2008 PATTERN OCT 201417.66 KB
10 2017 RS MCS 2013 APR-201725.75 KB
11 2016 MCA COM 2008 APR-2016544.3 KB
12 2015 RS MSc Physics 2013 OCT 20151.79 MB
13 2015 RS BCS 2013 OCT 20156.26 MB
14 2015 RS M.COM 2013 OCT 201511.35 MB